About Us

  • We are an ethical, quality-focused, cosmetics company who keeps our customers needs and desires at the forefront of everything that we do. 

    On our online store you will find only the highest quality beauty products which are ethically produced and made with your personal experience of them in mind. Our products are created from pure, safe, natural ingredients and are sourced from only the most highly-trusted suppliers and made available to you at prices that are affordable and fair. Our formulas provide a deeply enriching experience, and cleanse and nourish your skin while providing natural protection at a deep cellular level.

    SAFISA aims to bring perfect balance to your skin and this is something we achieve every time.

  • We source pride in our work by creating quality cosmetics that will change the way you see yourself in your skin. We believe that true beauty is sourced from self love and there’s no better way to love yourself than to source comfort in your appearance, there’s no greater feeling than being able to face the world juiced with self-esteem and looking your absolute best. Let us help you discover the new you!

    Why not start by taking a look at our range or unique SAFISA Alginate masks, that provide impressive results quickly? Or perhaps you need help ridding your skin of troublesome acne? Our SAFISA Acne Free Cream will help to eradicate this once and for all.


  • The magic happens in our South Korean laboratory where leading experts in skincare and advanced beauty treatments have perfected the science that makes SAFISA’s products world-leading. Our formulas are completely proprietary and unique to SAFISA alone. Our team is made up of passionate individuals who love and breathe cosmetics and work tremendously hard to formulate new products and solutions to the cosmetic issues we face everyday.

  • Our laboratories are cruelty-free zones and we are proud to boast of our commitment to encouraging our practices in cosmetic laboratories worldwide.

    We find the cruel process of testing cosmetics on animals to be abhorrent and we stand firm in our belief that the pursuit of beauty cannot be found in nature’s suffering. Therefore all of our products are made with ingredients that have not been needlessly tested on animals and, instead, we have used progressive laboratory methods of testing including “in vitro” processes that avoid the need to harm living creatures. 


  • Our roots may be South Korean but our products boast true British quality standards. Our production facilities are located in England and all work is undertaken by our first-class specialists who share our love of creating quality cosmetics.

    Our products have a deep history, firmly rooted within South Korean tradition and research. This knowledge serves as the building the block for our production work in the UK. You can therefore be reassured that you will receive products that are made to British standards but have the heart and soul of South Korea in their very essence.

  • SAFISA is committed to using only natural ingredients in our products. Why? Because it’s intuitive, it makes sense to us. Human skin responds best to ingredients that it encounters in a natural setting and so we aim to mimic this with our cosmetics. Therefore you will find that our products can be used on sensitive skin and the risks of any adverse reaction are an absolute rarity. Our products are made with a universal audience in mind, after all. 

    All our naturally-sourced ingredients are combined under our unique formulas in our UK-based factory with a focus on commitment to the utmost quality controls and safety guidelines. You can trust in receiving only safe, quality products from SAFISA.